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"If event planning and catering are a fine art, consider Mawadda a virtuoso". Mawadda, in Arabic means "enduring love", which is the core of our business, everything we do we do it with love and passion. As the owner and founder of Mawadda, I am confident our customers will have an extraordinary experience in working with our professional team. Whether you are looking events management or just catering we are always offering excellence, professionalism and quality in our services!!! Mawadda was founded 12 years ago as a family business growing through the years as a a trustful company. Every event is a unique creative challenge deserving of a one-of-a-kind approach. Our team listens to what you’re imagining and then comes back with an idea you never expected. We hone in on every last detail so we can always deliver clients the highest level of service.



ABUNDANCE Our approach ensures an abundance of everything. From the dedicated service and communication, to the delicious food and drink, to the compliments. You’ll have everything you desire, and more!... ANTICIPATION We anticipate your every need, even the details you haven’t thought of. All you have to anticipate is saying “I Do” or enjoying your special event... VARIETY There is nothing that you, or your guests, can ask for that we can’t provide. We guarantee it. Our offerings are limited only by your imagination... QUALITY Our commitment to excellence extends to everything we do. Because you deserve and should expect nothing less!... PLANNING State-of-the-art planning website and tools are at your fingertips –Our experienced and thoughtful coordinators are at your side throughout the process.

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